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Wash with hands only; 3 to 5 times daily for 8 weeks with Dial Antibacterial Soap (in shower after hair conditioner as it is bad for your piercing as is other hair care products and makeup). Do not use any other products on your piercing unless you are directed by Red Dragon Staff or a Doctor.  Absolutely do not put rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or ointments of any kind on your piercings. If at any time you think infection is present; redness/swelling with green pus, contact Red Dragon Staff or a Doctor.   


Oral piercings are simple to take care of……  After everything you eat, drink or smoke, rinse your mouth thoroughly with Scope.  DO NOT USE other mouthwashes that don't have any alcohol content or LISTERINE, full strength, it is way to strong and will burn your piercing and cause it to go wrong!!! 


Do not buy or use any jewelry from malls or chain stores that could possibly be produced in other countries, due to manufacturing contents of impure metals.  You must only use 316L Surgical Steel, Titanium, Gold or Platinum; Safe if made in USA and reads any of aforementioned good quality precious metals.



(916) 632-8282 [TAT2]

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