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Tattoo and piercing aftercare are the single most important things for the client to be responsible for.  We will give you detailed instructions in person on how to clean and care for the new addition to your body.  Please follow our aftercare as we have every intent to get our artwork healed to it's fullest ability on your body.  There are several places on the internet that will tell you different ways to clean and different products to put on your tattoo or piercing, but the ones we tell you will heal you and give us not only the piece of mind  you are doing it correctly, but also give us a baseline to start from if there are any unforseen problems with your healing.  


In most cases a tattoo will go through several phases of healing until it is ultimately healed.  We will show you tips and tricks to fool your body into not scabbing and instead sluffing off the layers of skin as they heal.  This takes about 4 to 6 days depending on the clients skin type.  Then the tattoo will look slightly faded (milky/pasty) for the next week as you continue to care for it.  After about 3 to 4 weeks the color will return as the new skin matures and your tattoo will be as beautiful as the day you got it.  You will continue to lotion your tattoo as per our instructions for another 2 weeks and then protect it from extended exposure to the sun and elements.  Finally after approximately 5 weeks your tattoo will be completely healed and ready for your normal lifestyle.  Always protect your tattoo with sunblock after it has fully healed to maintain it's original appearence.  Through the entire healing process avoid long baths over 10 minutes not submerging your tattoo,  spas, hottubs, steam rooms and sauna.  Exercise is fine after the 5th day in most cases, althouth some professional athletes continue workouts the sameday, with minimal negative effects, due to superior aftercare practices.  


Piercings should take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks to heal with a solid aftercare cleaning regiment.  You will wash your piercing (except inside mouth) 3 to 5 times a day for 8 weeks with either Hibicleans or Dial soap.  These antibacterial soaps are PH ballenced for your skin and will not burn or cause unforseen problems, unless left on the skin for extended time, so rinse thoroughly!!!   We use these soaps because these are the soaps medical professionals use and the ones that have contracts with hospitals, doctors offices, and clinics world wide.  These soaps are metered and are always the same consistancy of antibacterial agent,   The idea is to wash your hands then lather up again taking lather to the piercing site.  Lather piercing, move it to cleanse puncture wound.  This will push soap and water in and bacteria and debris out.  You must rinse very throughly, while continuing to move your piercing, as to not leave any soap behind, causing a PH burn or irritation.  DO NOT USE hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, piercing rinse from malls or chain stores.  You have been professionally pierced and a puncture of the skin has been made.  you must heal it slowly from the inside out.  The aforementioned DO NOT USE products will cause the punture wound to close on the outsides and sufficate the piercing not allowing the release or cleansing of any possible bacteria left inside, therefore an infection will surely set it.  


For oral/mouth piercings if it's not water you are consuming, you must rinse with Scope mouthwash after everything you eat, drink or smoke.  Scope has just the right amount of alcohol to not burn your piercing.  DO NOT USE Lysterine, Crest Pro Health, or any other products claiming to wash oral piercings.  After several years as a professional piercer with these piercings.  This works the best and has proven itself with every customer!!!!




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